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Save valuable money when looking for an automobile through the help of Scott Martin Auto Brokers in Calabasas, California. We offer reliable auto leasing and car buying service to individuals as well as employees of corporations and municipalities.

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Tell us the make and model of your desired automobile and we'll locate it right away. Using relevant details about the car, we search for the closest match by browsing available inventory systems. Our auto brokers help you with the following:

• Vehicle Reservation or Special Order
• Price Negotiation

• Leasing or Financing Coordination
• Car Delivery


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Drive your own car today through Scott Martin Auto Brokers. We make it possible for you to obtain fully functional vehicles at rock-bottom prices. Our experienced auto brokers help you find your ideal automobile and speed up the car buying process.

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Let us help you expedite your car buying process. Whether you need auto leasing or financing, our car brokers go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Contact us in Calabasas, California, to take advantage of our economical auto leasing and car buying service.